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The contest is now closed.. Thank you for your entrie. They are all fantastic. Our panel of judges has selected the entry by Terry as the winner. Congratulations Terry.

Terry, USA
Asian, African, pale or tan,
Of ALL the colors I’m a fan.
Reminders that we ALL are one,
Along with hours of cuddly fun!

Each doll, a Master Piece indeed,
With every detail I could need.
The sparkling eyes and silky hair,
The sweet expressions…they’re ALL there!

Their bodies I just love to dress,
Their cheeks then beg a sweet caress.
Their “company” when I feel lonely,
Makes me think they’re not dolls only!

The artists' inspiration must come from up above,
‘Cause every time I hold one, I can truly feel the love!


Mary, USA
I first felt the love for Masterpiece dolls around 2003. My first Mp dolls were Ashley, Lisa Marie, Carolyn, Jenny and Rascal. What fun I had dressing them and posing them for pictures! I have a doll room where I keep my collection of "vinyl kids", and although Masterpiece dolls are not the only ones I own, they are by far my favorites. I love how child-like they are and so true to size that I can buy ready to wear outfits for them and they look so cute. The many adorable faces the artist come up with are wonderful and I look forward to each new and exciting collection. I must admit I am totally in love with the toothy, smiley ones and a big fan of the jointed kids! Keep up the great work Masterpiece!

Brenda, USA
Can you "feel the love"? The very first time you see a masterpiece doll it absolutly "wows" you! It's so incredible how much your doll resembles a "real child". The second time and the third time your love for these wonderful dolls continues to grow. Again and again you "feel the love" for your masterpiece dolls. You just can't help falling in love with them!

"Feel The Love" describes the shock and awe I experienced when I opened my first box back in April and gazed on the exquisite happy face of MPL's little Carolyn for the first time - I was overwhelmed! I didn't know it was possible for a doll to look so real or evoke such emotions. Three months later I'm up to 35 and they have taken over my heart and my house. I've experienced a lot of tragedy in the last few years, and now these dolls are filling a void my vintage collection could never touch. They just don't have the spark of life and distinct personalities these wonderful Masterpiece dolls do. I've acquired as many of the older dolls as I could, making up for lost time! and met special new friends along the way. Now I am anxiously awaiting new arrivals each coming quarter. Thank you Blackall for changing my life!

Micki, USA
Twenty five years of Love......I guess that is what doll collecting is all about. From the visions and creativity of the artists to the the collectors who buy and love them, they are meant to be cherished and passed down from generation to generation. Masterpiece has made many collectors happy with the variety of dolls they have given us through the years and the anticipation to see what is coming in the next campaign is just the best. Thanks so much Masterpiece and I look forward to the next 25+ years of collecting. I absolutely, "Feel the Love".

Brittany, USA
A twinkle in the eye
A smile in the heart
Happiness in their soul
Always there to bring a little joy

A soft spring dazzle
A summer blaze
An autumn glimmer
A midwinter sparkle
Always there to bring a little joy

Even after a long day
They’re always waiting
For you to take the comfort
Even if everything else had fallen apart
Always there to bring a little joy

Even if all the years roll past you
Storms can be a little lighter
The lightning hits a little softer
And you breathe a little stronger
With them always there to bring a little joy

Angela, USA
I'm a mother of two, two sons you see,
having a girl just didn't happen for me.
But now I have girls as angels from above,
through masterpiece, I can feel the love.
First came Natalie, my toddler, so sweet,
I love her soft hands and her cute little feet.
When I saw Lindsay, I couldn't wait til she ships?
to see her beautiful blond hair and pretty pink lips.
My girl Addison came next, whom I adore,
I purchased her at the Doll Market store.
Now Taylor is unique, she's my nubian queen,
the most beautiful African doll I've ever seen.

Cindy, USA
Every day I "Feel the Love"
My "children" give to me,
And as I call them each by name,
It stirs my memory......

Twenty years I shared my love
With children big and small.
At school, I taught them that to love
Was important, most of all.

Now each day, I live with pain
That science can not cure.
My "children" give me sweet relief,
Their love is great and pure.

"Feel the love" says it all,
As I gaze into their eyes.
They bring much joy to my life
And remind me wherein love lies!

Sharon, USA
Every time I look at Masterpiece dolls, I Feel The Love. These are children, not dolls. They are amazing! Who wouldn't Feel the Love. They are an escape from the outside world. I love the African American dolls. I make jewelry for the ones that don't have any. I took three of them to visit my family. I carried them in one at a time. They thought I was bringing dolls, not life-like children. Waiting for my last doll to come UPS, the school bus came. Thought she might be on the bus! Some day my UPS man may Feel The Love!!

Judy, USA
I have feelings of love for this doll that I see...
Does she love me too, what does she think of me?
I can sense that my doll can feel me too;
Makes me whole from the deepest part of my soul..
Yes, I can feel the love, it's a feeling I cant ignor...
The look, the smell, the touch, the innocence of my doll ..yes,
a MASTERPIECE beauty for sure!!!!

Susan, USA
These three words couldn't express any more exactly how I feel when I look at, or talk about my Masterpiece dolls. Some people think I'm nuts for loving my dolls so much, but they are my family. I only have 1 nephew and 1 cousin in England, but these dolls surround me with the feeling of family, they help me "feel the love." Just looking at there beauty or there smiling faces brings me nothing but joy. Thank-you so much for my "new" family, they mean the world to me!!

Angie, USA
Masterpiece Dolls capture the innocence, purity and expressions of wonder that can only be found in the visage of a child. Every time I look into the face of one of my Masterpiece Dolls I smile and can feel the love that each artist has put into their work. I can almost detect the whispers of children’s laughter, questioning looks, excitement, curiosity and zest for life that played across the minds of the artist while the doll was being created. As these whispers then speak to me through each doll, I feel love for children everywhere and I am happy.

Gladys, USA
We both my husband and I feel the love each time we open the door to the room that is especially set aside for all our beautiful Masterpiece dolls. Feel the love to us personally means coming out of deep depression. Our masterpiece dolls with all their meek little faces give us the sense of being around our grandchildren each day. We are so thankful to you, and all your doll artists for such beautiful creations. We are looking forward to the delivery of 3 more Masterpiece dolls soon.

Maria, USA
I love Masterpiece Dolls! Each is so special ! You can see the joy on each face and you can't help but smile looking at them . MY 2 year old tells them good morning and good night .. When one comes home he helps open the box and will say ooh WOW when he sees them . They may not breath or speak but you can feel the love they inspire on the face of each person that sees them . We feel the special spirit of love that your wonderful artist have given to you to share with us. THANK YOU !

Linda L., USA
To me dolls are a work of art and not only are they beautiful to decorate my home, but they are comforting in so any ways. I never feel alone although I live alone. I feel a great sense of peace when I am working with them such as dressing an posing them for the Holidays. I feel the love for all types of dolls but Masterpiece dolls are the most realistic.I am sure that one day a study will show that dolls, like pets, can affect our health in a ver positive way !!

Robin, USA
How do I "feel the love"? I first felt the love when the box top was removed from my mom's Madison and I saw those beautiful blue eyes and dark hair. I had to have her and my love for Masterpiece continues to grow. Having had some rough years with injuries, illnesses and deaths, I count on my Masterpiece kids to be smiling and to lift my spirits. I've surrounded my sitting area with them so that as I watch TV, I can see each of their happy faces making me smile back in return and my day much brighter.

Roberta, USA
I started collecting Masterpiece dolls this year and they bring such joy to me ..Each day I wake up and see their smiling, innocent, faces welcoming me to another day of the joy and love they bring.. Their absolutely adoreable with their lifelike sculpted body styles.. I especially love the full sculpt with joints in the elbows and knees. This brings them to life even more with posing in so many ways...And for dressing these adoreable realistic toddlers the sky is the limit!!!! Its hard to put into words the Love you Feel when you own one of these dolls. I call it Blessed because I own 6 of these adoreable Masterpieces ..Yup the Name Masterpiece fits them so well ..They sure are a Masterpiece created from the artists love of dolls to collectors like myself to have,hold and love each and every day. Keep that LOVE coming!!!!

Susan, USA
Well to me it all started as a little girl, I come from a family of 8 children so needless to say there was not alot of money to spare to say the least, I didn't have any baby dolls to play with so i took a Zuccihini and carved in the face, used sticks as arms and legs and bug leaves as a diaper lol, my sisters would help my and i would carry this "veggie baby" with me untill sadly it would rot and my sisters would make me another one, as time went on i got my first christmas baby and i will never ever forget the smell of a brand new baby doll, to this day the first thing i do when i get a baby is smell that smell of pure happiness and bliss.That to me is feeling the love.

Mary, Canada
Collecting Masterpiece Dolls is truly a labor of love. I feel like an anxious expectant mother every trimester awaiting to see the face of my new babies, it's such a thrill to receive those huge packages, the anticipation to discover their new features, their realistic posability, I love to shop for their children sized clothes, buy them toys or sew for them. I'm so thankful to the artists (all of them) but in particular Monika Levenig and Monika Peter-Leicht, if these dolls could only breathe, they're perfect and to Blackall Associates for producing Masterpiece dolls and keeping them affordable. I feel the love each morning when I walk into my doll room and look into these beautiful shining eyes and glossy hair and distinct personalities. I just adore these dolls!

Carla, USA
Masterpiece dolls have been very theraptic for me,when i hold them and dress them it help me calm down. I have post tramatic stress from the tragic loss of my son from a drunk driver coming through the roof of my home and taking the life of my son. Its been a struggle everyday, these dolls help me to (feel the love). In some way i can let my mind wander as I'm holding them and brushing their hair. Thank you for taking the time to listen and in some small way help a mom.

Peg, USA
I have loved dolls for sixty plus years. I look at a doll face and am flooded with emotions and sometimes tears for the sheer beauty it conveys. When asked why I love dolls, I always answer that they speak to me, and make me happy! As a teacher, mother and grandmother, I guess my love of children carries over to my dolls. I have to pick and choose the special ones I add to my collection, but I don't think I will ever loose the ability to "Feel the Love" for this wonderful art form.

Karen, USA
I'm a retired school nurse and quite a while back, I found Masterpiece Dolls on HSN...Oh, did I Feel the many dolls so little time! I never missed a show or an opportunity to buy a precious,life-like doll that reminded me of my kids at school. Then suddenly the HSN Doll Shows were gone and I mourned the lose until I searched the internet and found the Masterpiece Doll site and there they were all my favorite artists and their beautiful sculpts...I was no longer in mourning because I could "Feel the Love"again!! In fact, I'm anticipating the arrival of my newest doll soon...I come back to the website often just to look at "Alice" and feel the love until she gets here! END Congratulations Masterpiece Dolls on 25 yrs. of providing us with a "Feel of Love" from these exquisite dolls and the artists who create them.

Lesia, USA
I feel the love every time I look at or dress my Masterpiece Dolls. This is a way for me to get my children’s childhood back, without all the added responsibility. I inter-act with my dolls when I want to and when I can’t, my girls look very pretty on their stands. My dolls are so wonderfully made I see them as children, that’s why I re-dress them and give them different hair styles. My husband of 25 years also buys me Masterpiece Dolls so I feel the love twice as much.

Angel, USA
I only had one doll as a child and I kept her all these years. When I discovered Masterpiece dolls in 2007, I fell in love! I am in love! I am intoxicated! Each time I buy a Masterpiece doll, I still feel the love! I am 5 years old again!

Joyce, USA
As a child I only had one doll, which my Grandfather bought me. My brother's decided to see what made the doll "cry". So they operated! I cried for months. In 1993 I had breast cancer. Suffering from depression, I found Masterpiece Dolls. I saw my first Monica Levenig doll, and fell instantly in love! Her eyes smiled into my soul. I can't explain the feeling, but she is so special to me. I'm convinced that my "Babies", helped me make it through cancer. That first doll was a my miracle. I couldn't help but "Feel the Love"! Thanks, designers!

Darlene, USA
Every time I look into your big brown eyes I feel the love.
Every time I comb your dark brown hair with the cute little pig tails, I feel the love.
When I squeeze your tender soft body with silky skin and look at your pouty lips, I feel the love.
All the searching and asking I did to find you. The hard earned money I put out to buy you. The time I put into dressing and washing your face to keep you clean, I feel the love.
Everyday when I feel blue, I look at my Maxima and I feel the love.
Thank you Monika Levenigs for making Maxima and the Lord for letting me find her.

Sandra, USA
I felt the love when I first saw Ellie, a MasterPiece doll by Pamela Erff. Ellie caused so much excitement sitting at my piano that our daughter and daughter-in-law had to have an Ellie also. We all love MasterPiece dolls. Now, 72 MasterPiece dolls later, they are like my children. Each and every one is special and I feel the love every time I look at each sweet face. MasterPiece dolls keep getting better and better. Thank you MasterPiece and the artists who share the love in each doll.

Lisa, USA
My heart didn't beat, or thump…it thundered. Could this be the box I had been waiting for? Not that it could be anything else. A giant box on my doorstep could only mean one thing. My girl had arrived! I hoisted the box into my foyer. But…did I hear? The slightest murmur, a tiny giggle? I paused for a second to listen closely, shook my head with a laugh. I lifted her out of the peanuts and gingerly raised the gauzy paper from her face. Her lifelike eyes peered into mine. Her delicate lips smiled ever so slightly. I held her close. Doll or no doll, I could feel it. I could feel the love.

Linda, Canada
I awaken to the beautiful faces of my special children. My soul is flled with contentment that my home is no longer empty. Masterpieces fill it!
My gaze lingers on each exqusit expression and they * talk * to me. Inevitably someone will suggest it's time for a new look. My creative imagination is stimulated as I assess their accumulated wardrobe. How satisfieing to once again feel that wonderous maternal instinct surge up!
My * girls * keep me youngly aware of the latest styles as I mingle with other moms.
I feel the love as my family grows, providing yet more love.

Louise, USA
I love them so much I have to reallies that they are dolls.I take care of my dolls like real baby and I give them a brithday and selebrating it.I sit and hold my babys 1 by 1. I sang to them to. I go sopping for my babys. I have all my babys in a big room soom are in beds. its looks just like a day-care.but best of all I just enjoy them. I can go on-on -on but that will be to much. love for my dolls.

Rosemarie, USA
Every morning, I open the bedroom door of a room that was transformed from an" empty nest" to a " doll room". The sun pours in through the windows, crosses the floor and lights up the children's faces from Masterpiecedolls. My spirit is lifted and I enjoy the warn and fuzzy feeling of these beautiful innocent faces. Bless the Artists and their talents for creating these dolls that bring so much joy, so much happiness, so much love......I feel the love.

Virginia, USA
Once upon a time in the 21st century a true fairytale happened. Lifelike children dolls appeared, and empty nesters dressed them in clothes of their children they had saved or went on a shopping spree that was the most fun they had in ages. Beloved children’s toys were placed in their arms, and a new life began.
Each of my grandchildren has their own Masterpiece Doll dressed in their clothes and bearing their name. We send pictures to the artists so they can share in the love. It is our extended family and we all feel the love.

Shannen, USA
Most collectors collect dolls for pure enjoyment to feel the love, I go beyond that. I have lost a lot of loved ones,friends and children myself. So,when I discovered Masterpiece Dolls, not only did I feel the love, I started remembering the love. I began collecting Masterpiece Dolls in remembrance of the ones I lost. There expressions make me think this was also there happiest times as children, so with the help of Masterpiece Dolls, not only do I remember the love, I see it on there sweet little faces and feel the love. Thank you

Irina, USA
It was just an ordinary day when I was searching through the internet to get something truly special for my niece’s birthday. To my great luck I came across Masterpiece doll collection and I could not believe my eyes: about a dozen or so of extraordinary beautiful dolls were looking at me from the other side of the screen.
I am still not sure what has impressed me the most then. Was it their cute innocent faces, angelic crystal eyes or realistic child character ready to jump into a play any second from now… I was staring at my screen fully charmed and enchanted, but…
eventually I made my choice, the retailer got his sale, my niece got her special gift, the doll got a new home. In other words, this special masterpiece made it all happen for everyone.
Go Beyond The Ordinary…Discover The Beauty….Feel The Love…Share It All… Become The Believer… I am definitely one now. Are you?

Misty, USA
Being a single mom of 3 boys is a wonderful thing. I have always wanted a daughter. I love Masterpiece dolls, it gives me the chance to dress up that special girl in adorable clothing and almost have the daughter(s) I never had. Being a single mom, I cannot afford to purchase them all the time. But when I find that 1 special girl, I save and buy her. When I know she is on her way home, the feeling I get is undescribable!! And when she arrives and I open that box, I Truley "Feel The Love" !

Ledir, Brazil
Todos gostam, admiram, querem.
Idade... no importa,
Importa aquela sensao gostosa de ter uma linda boneca,
... a criana aprende a ter cuidado,
expressar amor, carinho;
... o jovem ama ter uma boneca
... o adulto lembra de seu filhinho quando criana,
... o idoso supre a necessidade de companhia,
ama a sensao de cuidar de novo,
lhe trazendo satisfao e alegria.
... no existe idade para ter uma boneca
... no existe idade parasentir o amor.

Ledir (translated), Brazil
Age does not exist to have a doll,
Age does not exist to feel the love
Child, young, adult, aged, All like, admire, want.
Age does not matter, It imports that gostosa sensation to have a pretty doll,
the child learns to have care, to express love, affection;
the young loves having a doll
the adult remembers its son when child,
the aged one supplies the company necessity, he loves the sensation taking care of of new, bringing it satisfaction and joy.
age does not exist to have a doll
age does not exist to feel the love.

Lea, USA
As a teacher and mother I have always loved children with their expressive little faces and personalities. My Masterpiece dolls are my creative and imaginative outlet to balance life and an outlet of aging time, from the magical workshop to the door step of my home. My dolls create a most beautiful feeling of joy for the soul these little darlings of lasting love stop time with expressive little faces that mirror real human emotions and moods the unique craftsmanship, each a very special wondrous creation. My dolls create an atmosphere of love and capture the hearts from every admirer. These adorable little darlings of lasting love realistic and true to detail expressing dreams yes this is my wonderland and I am feeling the love.

Shirley, USA
Loving dolls runs in my family.
A year ago I discovered Masterpiece dolls and now have over 20 of them.
I feel the love when I look at all of those different little faces.
I never had any little girls but now I do get to enjoy hair ribbons and ruffles.
I feel the love when I get to see such beauty that they bring to my life.
I feel the love when they bring a smile to my face while admiring those works of art.
Masterpiece is the right name for these dolls !

Joyce, USA
Long ago my Mother bought a life sized doll for my Grandmother. That doll is now mine and every time I look at it I feel the love that my Mother and Grandmother felt for that doll. A couple of years ago, I discovered Masterpiece dolls. I felt the love. Now my babies line my stairs and dresser. They sit in chairs, high chairs, and on rocking horses. I feel the love all over my home. Someday my grandchildren will feel the same love from my babies that started with my grandmother's doll.

Jackie, USA
I’ve collected Masterpiece dolls for many years and still feel the love for each one when I walk in a room. They brighten a dark day and make a bright day brighter. It’s great fun to pick one to redress or place in a different spot. Playing with my dolls makes the outside world and its troubles seem to disappear giving me a break from daily stresses! I can’t imagine my home without my dolls and when I must move to a smaller place it will be very hard to choose just a few to go with me!

Kate, USA
I have been a doll collector since I was five years old, and from my experience, I think the best way to "feel the love" is to "share the love".
Two of your dolls are treasured children in my personal collection. But - when have your babies given me the most joy? When one of my sisters, niece or grand-daughters squeal with delight as they open their gift-box to find that special angel.
They too, hold their sweet Masterpiece babies in a special place in their hearts. And the love I feel when I see them proudly displayed or gently played with - is really what doll-collecting is all about: sharing the love of creativity, craftsmanship and beauty.

Dee, USA



Kim, USA
I am new to Masterpiece dolls and have fallen in love with them. Every one I look at reminds me of a child in my life. They are beautiful and capture the love of a child’s heart. When you connect to a doll on the level of a child you feel the love. A doll cannot replace a child but it can help in the healing process. Masterpiece makes that possible by offering these lifelike and lifesize dolls.

Catherine, USA
I found Masterpiece dolls about a year ago and fell in love. These kids are my doll family. I love changing them into new outfits for the different holidays, and Buying them toys to hold or purses to carry. Emilie is my favorite; I adore redheads. They make me happy whenever I see their beautiful faces. Even more importantly they make my 95 year old mom smile when she sees them every morning. I am so glad I found these kids as they are so lifelike and add so much joy to our lives. Thank you.