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~ Testimonial of the Week ~

We love seeing everyone's testimonials on our facebook page and on the various chat rooms. We appreciate all your great comments.

Starting May 1 we plan to post in this section and on facebook one testimonial a week either from one of our retailers or from one of our collectors.

The format will be with a few words on one of our doll photos as shown below. We hope you enjoy seeing what others have to say. We will also include more of their thoughts on this page.

Write us at if you would like us to call you for comments or you can send us your comments by email. Join in the fun. Let's share the love for Masterpiece Dolls.

Testimonial ... Week of August 11, 2014

Comments from Rosey a "New" MPDoll Collector

I won Emily Strawberry Blonde #001. Emily has been a heart melter, one of the first dolls I saw and knew I just had to have. I am gobsmacked I never win anything maybe my luck has changed. I would like to thank Fred and Shirley Blackall of Master Piece Dolls for all the beautiful dolls thru their vision and hard work are available and now 16 beauties in my home! Also thank both Monika Peter-Leicht, Monika Levenig who create such beauty, charm, cuteness, delightful, and endearing dolls year in and year out. And all the additional staff and artists who do the painting, faces and eyes, eyelashes and wigs, putting together the doll so all the joints work well, wrap them in tissue paper, all the way down to the those who pack every item per doll and ship with extreme care. And Alex at Toni's Collectables who has always been available, helpful and a wonderful supplier especially for overseas Collectors. Big hug to everyone thank you....Rosey

Testimonial ... Week of January 13, 2014

Comments from Marta a "New" MPDoll Collector

.... I have been collecting dolls for years, and WISH I had looked more closely at Masterpiece long ago! There are NO other dolls that compare with these beauties for realism and heart. My daughter and I will be ordering more soon:) Sincerely, Marta.

Testimonial ... Week of January 13, 2014

Comments from Holly a "New" MPDoll Collector

I have been a doll collector since 1995. I have collected every doll, in every medium by every artist possible. I am at the tail end of liquidating my complete collection. I believed that was the end , I was done with doll collecting. Then I happened upon a Masterpiece doll named Jack. It changed me forever. While I felt I had owned the latest and greatest, and yes very expensive dolls. I was taken by his full body vinyl, size, and that he was jointed? I felt like (where have I been all this time). So caught up in my array of highly collectible dolls-I lost sight of the experience. I was incredibly taken by how realistic he looked (and I did collect every doll previous). He was not a delicate collectible that I must keep him pristine. He was a doll to Love enjoy, pose, change clothes, just have fun with. His affordable price point stunned me! How could such a perfect doll be made for everyone to afford? I have since obtained Jill, Delaney, and ANN and ANDY. I have them displayed like furniture, they are a part of my décor.

Testimonial ... Week of January 13, 2014

Comments from a Retailer's New MPDoll Collector

I just got this doll today ( Snow White) and I can't believe it! She is Gorgeous!!!! The quality is a-maz-ing!!! Her painting is beautiful. The nails are even painted! Toes too! She is so solid and well-made. I guess you can't tell that I like her! ;). I want more!!!!! LOL! Thank you for everything but I am sure I will buy another! ... I think I would rather have these dolls than eat!! LOL!

Testimonial ... Week of January 6, 2014

Comments from Holly a MPDoll Collector 1/7/14

Shirley, I have just started collecting my Masterpiece doll babies. I normally only purchase from Andrea at Comfy Babies. She is wonderful(knows me by name) and goes out of her way to please a customer. She is a very hard working and a young mom-filled with energy., But lives at work and finds the time to make friends with her customers.

Testimonial ... Week of December 17, 2013

Comments from Craig a MPDoll Collector 12/16/13

"Thank you so much for the quick reply, I truly appreciate it. Jill has been here for 9 days now, and I had to write to you to let you know my thoughts.

First off, I have never written to a company before, so that should tell you how passionate I feel about this.

Within the last few months I lost my grandmother and my very best friend. So, I cannot tell you the overwhelming sadness I'm feeling this holiday season.

Jill arrived 9 days ago and I have never in my life felt this kind of joy from a doll or toy of any kind...and I've been collecting for 30 years. In fact, I was just looking at her and I started chuckling and felt so happy. This doll is EXACTLY what I needed. While I'm still so sad, I'm actually have to laugh and smile for a few moments every time I look at her.

So, I wanted to take this moment to thank you and your company for making sure we in the US can get these dolls. I seriously couldn't be happier with her. I've been posting so many pics of her on Flickr and included some in this email.

Next up, I plan to get Brooklyn. Brooklyn and Jill were the two I knew I had to have.

Thank you again...and I promise you'll see more of me.


Testimonial ... Week of December 2, 2013

Comments from Rita and Riley

"My search for the perfect little girl began with Masterpiece dolls. For months I looked, watched the videos of the artists and their descriptions of their lovely dolls. Then by accident I came upon little Riley and immediately I knew she was the one. But I soon found out that she was no longer available!! I had to have other doll would fill what I felt when I saw her. A year passed as I continued to search on eBay and other doll sites in hopes of someone selling their doll. And finally that day came and I was ecstatic to say the least! At last my search was over. It was very late at night and I was looking for Riley again on eBay....and lo and behold....a woman had just then listed her doll as a "buy it now" and I couldn't believe my eyes! I immediately grabbed her up! When she arrived I was so delighted and I have loved her since then even more than ever!"
Rita and Riley Cashion


Testimonial ... Week of March 28, 2013 Comments from Annette From Australia "wow,wow,wow....the girls arrived today,when i opened them a tear came to my not going over the top when i say,these are the most beautiful work i have ever seen...and to think i was going to buy plain old shop manniquins from just down the road from where i live....this is how i came about to see these dolls,i started to look for life like dolls for my shop,and another doll,not a master piece doll was in your i thought to myself i will look in this shop to see what else you have,and thats when i seen the master pieces,and they took my breath have trully opened my eyes to perfection,,,,and i have left you great feedback,but i wanted to send you a message letting you know you are a wonderful person over the other side of the world,and thankyou a million times for your help,you will hear from me again once my shop kicks off...i know now where to look for my models,and for me that means no more hunting around for hours,you are my number one,thankyou.... - squida2010

Testimonial ... Week of June 10, 2012

Comments from Marc

"I like those dolls because they look so realistic and especialy the balljoint dolls can be posed in such beautifull real looking situations."

"I like to create nice amazing animations" with Masterpiece Dolls.


Testimonial ... Week of June 2, 2012

Comments from D's Crafts New Retailer

"The quality of MPD is out standing and my customers are going crazy over them"

D likes that the faces are never repeated

"MPDolls are very easy to redress with children’s clothes"

D likes the pre ordering aspect of buying from MPD

D has Third Time's a Charm greeting everyone at her store."Customers always think that she is real"

Testimonial ... Week of May 28, 2012

Comments from Baby Doll Be Mine Customers

"Just to let you know that I picked up Katrina today. She is gorgeous. Thank you. My Mom is so looking forward to making her some really nice clothes. (this is the number 1 doll!)"

"We have named the "Third Times a Charm" doll Shelby and are impressed with the quality and beauty of these lovely dolls"

"Thank you for the New Third Time is A Charm Strawberry Blonde by Monika Levenig. I am happy to have this doll. Thank you so much."

"She's just as cute as the pictures - thanks again. (Third times a Charm blonde)"

"Came yesterday. I was so excited. She is beautiful. Love her. Thanks, (Third time is a Charm)"

"They loved Mason, thank you"

Testimonial ... Week of May 21, 2012

From Catherine, an avid MPDoll Collector

"so lifelike and fun to dress"

"I love brushing their hair and putting it in different styles"

"a joy to wake up to each morning"

"sold all of my previous dolls and now collect only MPDolls"

"I buy them on easy layaway plan"

"looking forward to Jayden, my next baby to come home"

Testimonial ... Week of May 14, 2012

From a Masterpiecedolls collector

"More real than other dolls"

"Like both jointed and non jointed"

"My 31 year old daughter requested Prince for her birthday"

"Letting go of my other dolls as I buy Masterpiecedolls"

"Love them- so enchanting"

"Collect them now and enjoy redressing some of them"

"Happy I found Masterpiecedolls on the internet"

Testimonial ... Week of May 7, 2012

From a Masterpiecedolls retailer

"amazed at their beauty and realism"

"no other dolls compare to their beauty and value"

"customers are in awe when they first see them in person"

"increased the sales in my store tremendously"

"top selling dolls in my store"

Testimonial ... Week of May 1, 2012

We did our first interview with Ruth a Masterpiecedolls collector who recently has purchased a few Masterpiece dolls and her retailer told us about her great comments.
We called Ruth and took notes on some of her thoughts below.


Collector who recently bought a doll from Herbies

"they comfort and cheer you up"

"if sad or sorrowful they will lift you up"

"no other dolls make me feel this way.. they have something special"

"speak to your heart"

"the Feel the Love statement on the certificate was comforting to me"

"Such a blessing"

"I love Masterpiece dolls the most. I feel like they love me back"

"You are not a alone with these dolls"


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